February Exercise of the Month - SIJ Traction

2nd February 2015


Why SIJ Traction?

So you've made sense of your client's misalignment, and worked out why that leg is 15mm longer than the other one. You've spent time and effort correcting this and, whilst they lay there on your couch, you may be wondering whether your client will hold on to this new position as they go about the rest of their day. 

For however long your client has been in poor alignment they will have developed a holding pattern throughout their body. The proprioceptive system learns this position and, whether it is optimal or not, doesn't always like change. I've seen clients stand up off my couch and take a cautious few steps as they feel the dizzying sense of change from a relitively minor adjustment in joint position.

We tend to encourage those that attend our CPD courses to evaluate how well a client accepts the change in pelvic algnment by having them walk for a minute or so after any alignments. We then evaluate the client on the couch to see if they held position or drifted back towards obliquity. By doing this we can see how much homework to give that client. If they hold position they get a set of home exercises that encourage them to develop the strength to retain this postion. Those that struggle to hold position for any length of time, are encouraged to do exercises regularly throughout the day that we've proven to self correct in the clinic. 

One of the best exercises that can apply to both these groups is SIJ Traction. Designed to tension the pelvis and draw it back into position through both flexion / extension, and adduction / abduction. By performing these two exercises the pelvis is stressed in all three planes - Sagital and Transveerse in the first exercise, and Frontal in the second. And some clients may even feel a pop as the force pulls their bones back into place. 

Try these exercises out for yourself the next time a client presents with pelvic misalignment. You'll be amazed how beneficial they can be at retaining all the hard work you have put in to correct. 

 If you would like to learn more about assessing and treating pelvic obliquities, from sacral torrsions to pubic misalignment, come join us in London for our Demistifying The Pelvis course, 21st March 2015.