Correcting a Hypomobile SI Joint

23rd February 2015

Understanding the pelvis is a complex matter. We have a minimum of 8 different positions that the ilium can get stuck in, and at least 10 different sacral dysfunctions, without counting the plethora of combinations and layers of these that can get the SI joint sticking. 

Personally, I had an accident paragliding about 10 years ago, which left me with a very unstable right SI joint. It took me several years of rehab to stabilise this joint and ten years on it still locks up on occasion. 

The most important aspect of SI joint rehab is first to assess what is going on. With all the possible combinations of ilia and sacral misalignments it is impossible to know which exercise is goingt to be the most benefit. So your first goal is to learn what it is your joints are doing. For me, I tend towards a Right-on-Left sacral torsion with a posterior rght ilium. The combination of these two positions locks the SIJ. So correcting this requitres me to use my own muscle strength to anteriorly tilt my right ilium and rotate my sacrum to the left via the upper right corner (the right Sacral Sulci). 

The video above demonstrates how I do this witth just two exercises. But remember, the exercises are only good if the initial assessment of dysfunction is accurate. 

If you would like to learn more about assessing and treating the pelvis, both on and off the couch, so you can reduce lower back pain in your clients, why not join us on our Demystifying the Pelvis workshop