The Solution

1st October 2016

How long have you been studying the body, how it moves, responds to pain or restriction and learning the most appropriate course of action to help it heal? Years? How about your average client, how long have they studied the body? Never?

The biggest reason clients don’t do their home care is not because they’re lazy, it’s because they’re forgetful. How many times will you hear clients say, “I couldn’t remember how to do that leg stretch you showed me”, whilst you’re thinking to yourself “How hard is it to remember to sit on the floor, against a wall, with your legs out straight”! You have to remind yourself that most people have almost zero body awareness so stretching their hamstrings is an alien concept to them and they probably can’t see the relevance to their back pain.

ExerciseLab was designed with this in mind. A simple way to remove this obstacle so clients can progress more easily. 
The other major design ExerciseLab needed to consider was that of workflow speed. Our competitors in the market supply you with literally thousands of exercises to choose from. You name it, the exercise is in there . . . somewhere! 

As professional therapists ourselves we understood that our peers have mere minutes with clients to deliver home exercise advice and teach them good form. We don’t have time to search for an exercise from thousands then give it to our client. Nor do we have time to search for it between clients, and we certainly don’t wish to do it at the end of a busy day. 

That’s why we’ve provided an exercise workflow that simplifies delivery so you can send a client videos of their home exercises in just a few seconds. Our library is progressive from early rehab to functional integration. Just pick the stage your client is in and your exercise will be there. No complex moves or equipment needed, no exercises your strength coach should be providing. Just simple, clearly instructed exercises proven to work.

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