So This Is Us

If you are looking to improve your service, so you can become the Go-To Therapist in your area, then ExerciseLab is for you. Our exercise library gives you the professional edge that supports your client care in a simple and clear set of exercise progressions. Not only that but our dedication to helping you achieve higher rates of success with your clients through education is at the forefront of our ethos.

Here’s why...


Spawning Our Creation

As professional bodyworkers ourselves we found getting clients to remember their Home Care, once they left our clinic, was a bit hit or miss. I mean, we’ve trained for years learning how the body works and then we expect all our clients to understand what we are asking them to do in a short demonstration in the clinic room.

We looked through all the systems online that offered an exercise library solution but found that they sold themselves on having 2000+ exercises to choose from. Now I don’t know about you but at ExerciseLab we don’t choose an exercise from a large database then give it to our client. We actually give an exercise to our client on the spot, in the clinic, dependent on what presents at the time. Therefore we then found ourselves trawling through the library looking for something that resembled what we asked the client to do. I can’t tell you how time consuming this was.

This problem spawned the creation of ExerciseLab. The concept was to design a workflow and set of exercises that progressed from acute care to functional integration. Sure there are thousands more exercises possible in the world but that is the domain of the strength coach or personal trainer. As therapists we need a logical progression that takes our client from where they are at to functional healthy tissues, and allows them to rejoin there chosen sports, pastimes or jobs.

Dedication to Education

We also realised that that not all therapists, be they Sports Massage, Osteopaths, Chiropractors etc know about or have any qualification in exercise prescription. Insurance companies won’t support you either if you are giving advice with no training to back it up.

At the core of the ExerciseLab philosophy is education. Having a great online tool for reminding clients how to do their exercises is one thing but making the most out of these exercises and learning where on the scale to place someone is quite another. So our CPD education scheme was developed alongside the online system to help educate any therapist that feels their knowledge is lacking in this area.

Supporting Our Members

As a therapist, learning a new skill reflects on the quality of your service but often it is a challenge to keep up to date on that new skill when you are developing in other areas too. Weekend workshops are expensive and time consuming and we fully understand that home exercise is not necessarily high on the list of continued education.

Therefore we run evening events every quarter throughout the country where you can come along, grab yourself a drink, and take part in our 1 hour workshops. Then you have plenty of time to discuss what’s on your mind with likeminded peers in a relaxed environment.

These workshop networking events are a fantastic way to keep up to date and build your relationships. We have guest speakers talking on all kinds of subjects from home exercise to soft tissue techniques, so these are opportunities not to be missed for developing your skills.

Our Guarantee

Take advantage today of our 60 day money back guarantee and see how your client’s like this added service within your business. If your clients do not find this service useful within your business we’ll give you your money back, no quibbles, no sales calls!