The Solution

1st October 2016

Lateral Shoulder Raise - The good and the bad

4th July 2016

Exercise of the Month - Bent Over Row

14th June 2016

The Horse Stance Exercise

2nd June 2016

Exercise of the Month: Diaphragm Breathing Progression

18th May 2016

Brand Up Clients' Programmes with Your Logo

6th May 2016

What Does a Client Programme Look Like?

28th April 2016

Exercise of the Month - April: Ankle Alignment

15th April 2016

Are you doing your client a disservice?

11th April 2016

Exercise of the Month - Deep Cervical Flexor Strengthening

1st April 2016

Bio-Tensegrity - A missing link in Biomechanics

27th October 2015

Functional Flossing

20th April 2015

Analgesics - A discussion for use with home exercise planning

25th March 2015

Correcting a Hypomobile SI Joint

23rd February 2015

February Exercise of the Month - SIJ Traction

2nd February 2015

Exercise of the Month - Passive Lumbar Extension

15th December 2014

A Solution for Mobile Therapists

20th November 2014

Exercise of the Month - Peterson Knee Extension

17th November 2014

The Misunderstood 'Core'

11th October 2014

Manual and Functional Muscle Testing for the Neck eBook

22nd September 2014

How to fix a River Island Mannequin!

9th September 2014

Get Started

21st August 2014

Injury Recovery Part 3: Activity Specific Rehabilitation

7th July 2014

Injury Recovery Part 2: Mobilisation

6th July 2014

The Big Chill Part 1: Cold Therapy for Injury Recovery

5th July 2014

Bowing out to Gravity – The Forward Bend. . .

11th June 2014