How To Resend A Programme

Every now and then a client will ask you to resend the programme by email to them. It’s simple enough to do, so in this video I’ll quickly walk you through it. 

How To Edit A Programme

Inevitably there will come a time when a quick chat with a client results in a change of exercise plans. So, in this short video we’ll discuss how to quickly edit a programme that you previously created.

Create A Programme Template

many times we give the same set of exercises for the same kind of injury, so wouldn’t it be nice if we could save a template with all those exercises already listed in it and just send it to our client. Well, you can. Let’s show you how in the video below…

Brand ExerciseLab With Your Logo

It’s our pleasure to offer a new service to you all by helping you create a customer experience that is fully aligned with your company brand. In this video we’ll show you how to add your own logo to the Client Programme and link it to your website. 

Edit a Client’s Contact Details

Edit the client contact details

Occasionally you might find your client is not receiving their programme by email. Nine times out of ten it’s because the email address has bounced due to a typo. In this video we will show you how to quickly correct that and resend the email to your client.

Create Your First Programme

Create Your First Programme

In this video we walk you through how to create a programme from start to finish, then get it sent to your client. We’ll also show you what your client sees when they log in to view the exercises.

Skipping For Calf Strength

If you can master the technique, skipping is possibly the best drill for developing calf strength for running. It teaches you to use the elastic energy in the calf muscles to keep you in the air, rather than using quad strength to jump up and down. But like anything else in training, your technique is […]

Speed Is Of The Essence

Speed is everything between clients in clinic. Having a fast option for supporting your client’s with aftercare is a must. ExerciseLab was built with speed in mind. It takes less than a minute to deliver a programme, so why not try it for yourself today with a free account.

The Horse Stance

This exercise is a must in your toolbox when it comes to spinal stability. The exercise can be used early on in the rehab process as they are not axial loading. We’ve occasionally used a small Swiss Ball under the chest to give support to those who are really struggling, then air is progressively let […]