Speed Is Of The Essence

Speed is everything between clients in clinic. Having a fast option for supporting your client’s with aftercare is a must. ExerciseLab was built with speed in mind. It takes less than a minute to deliver a programme, so why not try it for yourself today with a free account.

The Horse Stance

This exercise is a must in your toolbox when it comes to spinal stability. The exercise can be used early on in the rehab process as they are not axial loading. We’ve occasionally used a small Swiss Ball under the chest to give support to those who are really struggling, then air is progressively let […]

The Bent Over Row

This is an exercise that really helps engage the kinetic chain of the posterior sling, whilst you strengthen the scapula adductors. It is most commonly performed in the gym with a bar bell, but certain doesn’t require a health club membership to perform. A simple Theraband, resistance loop or even a couple of shopping bags full of groceries […]