CPD Training

So what can you expect
from our workshops?

Our courses are a fun and informative way to build your knowledge and confidence in prescribing exercise to your patients. We break down each section of the body and help you build simple strategies that are easy for patients to follow and easy for you to deliver. 

Here’s what to expect . . . 

  • Latest research findings from Sports Medicine, so you’ll be up to date on best practice
  • A recap on physiology, common injuries and pathologies to look out for
  • A thorough understanding of where to begin with your home care strategies
  • How to recognise tissue tolerance to exercise
  • How to progress through stages of tissue tolerance
  • A thorough understanding of programme design – Reps, Sets, Loads, Tempo etc
  • Discussion about best manual therapy practice
  • An emphasis on practical days with some theory thrown in for the nerds amongst us