The Bent Over Row

This is an exercise that really helps engage the kinetic chain of the posterior sling, whilst you strengthen the scapula adductors. It is most commonly performed in the gym with a bar bell, but certain doesn’t require a health club membership to perform. A simple Theraband, resistance loop or even a couple of shopping bags full of groceries (we always try to make exercises functional) will do just fine. 

The key to this exercise is to retain spinal alignment and no allow the head to strain forwards as you pull. This forward head movement is what we see in gyms during our travels, and is a very poor movement behaviour that stresses the C/T junction. As resistance increases so does the desire to project the head forwards. Clients need to be very mindful of this and instructed to lower the weight until they can stabilise the neck fully before increasing the resistance again. 

The spine should remain still and neutral throughout and the knees should be bent around 15 degrees in order to recruit the Gmax into the kinetic chain. As the resistance increases, so does the load on the lower back. For this reason care should be taken to increase weights gradually. Whilst you’ll find the lumbar strengthens, it is important not to perform this exercise if the client suffers L/S instability. 

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