Soft Tissue Rehabilitation of the Ankle

So what can you expect
from our ankle workshop?

In this two day workshop our goal is to build your confidence in treating injured ankles and lower legs. These are easily injured areas in athletes and many come in with a long history on re-injury. But were do you start the patient on a tissue strength programme? How do we take a client that only sees exercise as an irritant that inflames, yet ask them to exercise it regardless. How much is too much exercise and how little is too little exercise? Should we be stretching at all?These questions and many more will be answered in this course.

We’ve designed this course to to help guide you in choosing the right exercises, loading and progressions to support your manual therapy work. All backed up with ExerciseLab’s dedicated, no fuss library, so you can deliver that programme to your client, knowing they will have every resource to support their recovery. 

On this course we will cover:

  • How tissues of the ankle may become injured in the first place
  • What tissues require to truly help them recover 
  • Why pain is not always the best reference for the state of tissues around the ankle
  • How to spot potential extrinsic issues that could lead to ankle injury
  • How to assess the patient to get a picture of their Tissue Tolerance
  • How to know whether Stretching, Isometric or Isotonic exercises are indicated/contraindicated
  • What are the best exercises to use for ankle recovery
  • How to educate, progress and hold your clients through to the finish
  • How to manage client behaviours and belief systems 
  • Understanding why people often don’t do their Home Care exercises, so you can avoid these road blocks
  • And, as always, our Golden Nuggets – It’s worth the investment just for these!

Who is this course for?

This course was designed to help those who deal with injured clients and patients of all types and is aimed at building your confidence in helping those with soft tissue damage around the ankle. We welcome all bodywork practitioners and exercise professionals: Physiotherpists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Pilates and Yoga instructors and Athletic/Sports Coaches. 

We will give you the pre-reading you need to be up to speed for the start of the course and develop your ability to assess and rebuild tissue tolerance for healthy shoulders. 

Your Tutors

Taught by Chris Newton and Greg Funnell, this course will be a fun but challenging day, full of practice, so you’ll be more than ready to start helping people on your very next clinic day. 


Chris Newton

Chris’ passion is in helping people with long term chronic pain. He uses a range of techniques like Manual Therapy, Functional Neurology and Exercise, along with working on patient belief systems to help them overcome pain. He has taught Sports Massage at NLSSM for 10 years where he helped to reform the Home Care exercise section of the course. You can learn more about Chris’ work at and


Greg Funnell

Greg has been involved in sport from a young age. He first started his interest in health and fitness playing in-line hockey on a national and international level. Greg understands that the mind has a significant part to play in the rehabilitation of pain and has built a reputation for supporting his patients through his hands on skills, exercise rehabilitation and emotional wellbeing. You can learn more about Greg at

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2 Day Workshop: How To Recover The Injured Ankle