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Service 25 clients at any one time
Get free exercise support from our team
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Memberships Explained

ExerciseLab FREE (trial membership)

So let's begin with our trial membership. We launched ExerciseLab originally with a free 30 day trial, which was a great success. But, after listening to comments from these members, we realised that 30 days was not enough time to really implement a home exercise system into your clinic life. So how long is long enough? Well we think FOREVER is. 

You'll get two client licenses to use as you wish. This means you can test ExerciseLab out on two clients at any one time to get their feedback on whether they found a video home exercise plan useful. You can either use ExerciseLab on just two of your patients forever, or delete them as and when they are not needed and reuse the license on new clients. 

Simple and easy to manage exactly like our paid packages, ExerciseLab FREE is a great way to get started with a professional home exercise delivery service within your practice.

ExerciseLab PREMIUM

ExerciseLab Premium gives you great value for money. At just £11.99/month, the Premium package gives therapists with a growing business a way to offer a professional home exercise solution for up to 25 clients at a time. That's enough for a vast majority of bodyworkers; and remember, you can delete off clients you are no longer seeing to free up space for new ones.

On average, the cost of using our Premium package is a quarter of what is charged for seeing just one client a month. Now that's affordable for even the newest of practices. You'll get free email support from our team, that covers everything from questions about using ExerciseLab, to advice on exercise strategies for troublesome clients. We'll even be giving away free CPD worthy content periodically, all within your membership.


For those professional clinitians out there that want to maintain continuity throughout their client base, and not be restricted with client licenses, this package is for you. At about half the cost of you seeing just one client each month, the Professional package won't eat into your income either. 

You get a complete unrestricted license for servicing as many clients as you wish. You will also receive a minimum of 10% discount on our Live CPD Workshops. Plus you get all the benefits of the Premium package as standard.

So if you're running a successful clinic, seeing lots of clients every month, then ExerciseLab Professional is for you. 


These are rolling 1 month contracts so you can stop the service and restart any time you wish.
There are no hidden extras and never will be.
Terms and conditions apply. Click here to read more.