Speed Is Of The Essence

Under time pressure? Most of us are and we have limited time to complete admin work. But client’s don’t really understand that. They’re happy to send us an email, text message or call us up to ask for a reminder of their home exercises. 

We built ExerciseLab’s interface with this in mind, so you can spend as little time as possible delivering exercises and more time seeing paying clients. That’s the point of being a therapist after all. 

We designed an intuitive workflow so you can quickly find the exercises you are looking for based on body region and the stage of rehab you are in. Each stage progresses from easy to hard, and from mobility to stability to strength. These are the core concepts of any rehab process so why not organise our content in the same way? 

7 reasons why the interface is so fast:

  1. Choose Exercises > Assign or create a client > Send an email > Finished. What could be quicker than that? 
  2. Progressive exercise orders make finding your exercise quick and easy 
  3. Choosing an existing client or creating a new one all happens during the process so there’s no need to complete two separate jobs. 
  4. Tweak the order of your exercises by dragging and dropping the videos in the list 
  5. Finish one program and you’ll come back to the start page to begin the next. No extra navigation required. 
  6. We have pre-set the exercise variables to cover the basics but you can change them on the fly to suit your needs.  
  7. Automate email reminders to your clients. No more chasing them up to do their exercises! 

See for yourself how simple we can make your exercise delivery. To book a call back appointment to discover how ExerciseLab can work in your business please click here.