Video Tutorials

How do I send a programme to a new client?

We've created a fast and simple interface to deliver programmes to your clients. This short video below shows you everything you need to know.

What does my client see when they log in?

Your clients only see the videos you assigned to them, withthe relevant variables associated. This is done clearly and without distraction. We don’t use YouTube to host our videos so they will never see advertisements or links to other videos. This keeps the client focussed and avoids confusion. 

Your clients can also track back and forth through older programmes with the arrows in the top left of the grey bar. This allows you to save time adding exercises to a new programme that the client had already completed previously. 

You also have the opportunity to customise the client's programme viewer in ExerciseLab, so your clients feel they are still within your care. Check out our how to video here or in the Support section of ExerciseLab.

To see more watch the video demo below.

How do I delete a client?

The process is simple. Just log in to your account and click the ‘Clients’ tab. Click on the name of the client you wish to delete to view their details. In the top right click ‘Edit Client’ and within this section you will see the Red button to delete them. Click and this will remove the client from your database.

Branding Your ExerciseLab

Make ExerciseLab work harder for you by branding the Client Programmes with your own Logo. Here's how. 


How do I sign up for ExerciseLab?

Signing up couldn’t be simpler. Just click on the ‘GET IT NOW’ button on the front page under ‘1 Month Free Trial’ and fill in your details. We don’t ask for credit card details so you can freely use the site for 4 weeks on any of your clients. Once your trial ends you’ll be prompted to set up your payment schedule. 

To go direct to the sign up page simple click here.

What membership is right for me?

The memberships are designed around how busy your business is.  

Bronze - If you’ve just started but recognise the need to give professional support to your clients, we’ve created a low cost option that allows you to use 10 clients at any one time on the site. You can easily mange your client numbers from your admin area to keep within your limit. 

Silver - For those a little more settled into their business, the Silver package gives you up to 35 clients. This is plenty for the average business because many clients will not necessarily need home exercise plans.

Gold - For those busy therapists that regularly give exercise as a primary source of client rehab, the Gold package allows unlimited usage. 

CPD Membership - This applies to those therapists that are taking our Home Exercise Certification course. You’ll get 3 months free access as part of the course, so you can learn all the exercises we teach whilst studying.

Multi-Clinic Membership - This applies to clinics that wish for all their staff to use the software and give home exercise advice.

What is the GoCardless payment system?

Because credit and debit cards expire, get lost or stolen, we are using a Direct Debit system by RBS to ensure the continuity of your service. 
GoCardless allows you to set up your payment schedule with basic information which is held only on the bank’s server. We never have access to see your account numbers, so your privacy is secure. As with any other Direct Debit system you have complete control over your money so, if you decided to cancel, you can do this quickly and easily.

I’d like to book on to a CPD. What do I do next? 

Simply click the ‘Enquire’ button under the CPD you would like to attend and we’ll get back to you with all the details you need to book on.

Who has access to my customers’ details?

Only you do. Our admin system does not have access to your private area. Therefore the only people with access to your clients’ details is you. 
You can also read our privacy policy, which is at the bottom of each page, which legally binds us to keep your details safe and secure. 
ExerciseLab Ltd does not generate money from third party advertising or access to our membership base. We are strict about this because we pride ourselves on our simple and professional product, and our ethics will always reflect this.

I can’t sign in to my account?

There are a few reasons why you may struggle to access your account, and all are simple fixes. Always try the following before worrying about a catastrophic issue.

  • The most likely issue will be that you have ExerciseLab running on more than one computer at a time. Access is restricted to the use of only 2 devices - a commuter and a smart phone/tablet. So if 2 computers are running ExerciseLab at the same time this breaks the contract for single user membership - you can’t be in two places at once! To fix this, simply log out of any devices you are not using. This includes your smart phone or tablet.
  • Sometimes, when we make updates to the site, your browser will have incorrect information in its Cache. Simply go to your preferences in the browser and refresh the Cache. This will force the browser to reload the page fully. 
  • If you have tried the above solutions with no joy, then our website may have gone down. We will no doubt be working to fix this issue before you know it has happened but if you do experience an unresponsive site then please contact us at so we can look into the issue.