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One simple library created to make your life easy. Here’s why…

A Simple Way To Find Exercises

  • Our exercise chooser is always accessible from the top menu bar. 
  • Pre-organised so you can find the exercise easily by muscle group.
  • Super easy search function. Find your exercise in a second.

Straight Forward Rehab Categories

  • Let ExerciseLab guide you in how to choose your next exercise
  • Broken down into Stretch, Isometric, Isotonic, Proprioception and Compound, so you can quickly see the exercises relevant to the next stage of rehab.

Even More Progression Help

  • Each exercise list is further progressed from easy to difficult as you run down the page. 
  • Info button for a guide to why the exercise is useful.
  • Play the video right there on screen. 
  • One click to choose the exercise for your client.

Use The Preset Variables or Simply Choose Your Own

  • We’ve already added in the most common, evidence based, exercise variables, so you have one less thing to think about.
  • Easily choose from more options in the drop down menu and type in your own.
  • Give an important note like “Left side only!” so your client remembers what you said.

Manage Your New Programme

  • All on one page, manage your programme by assigning a client, writing programme notes, creating a template and sending it off. 
  • Re-edit any exercise, change the order or just get on a send it.

Send Your New Programme

  • Quickly send your client an email with all the details thy need to view their programme and any other information you want to need to say. 

And Much, Much More . . .