Two important reasons to provide ‘Aftercare’

How long have you been studying the body, how it moves, responds to pain or restriction and learning the most appropriate course of action to help it heal? Years? How about your average client, how long have they studied the body? Never?

The biggest reason clients don’t do their home care is not because they’re lazy, it’s because they’re forgetful. How many times will you hear clients say, “I couldn’t remember how to do that leg stretch you showed me”, whilst you’re thinking to yourself “How hard is it to remember to sit on the floor with your legs out straight!” You have to remind yourself that most people have almost zero body awareness so stretching their hamstrings is an alien concept to them and they probably can’t see the relevance to their back pain.

ExerciseLab was designed with this in mind. A simple way to remove this obstacle so clients can progress more easily.  

And, what’s more, every client feels your support. They see that you have their back and are willing to do what it takes to provide the aftercare any treatment needs. That’s a big thing in the eyes of a client, who can often be fearful of doing the wrong thing and inflaming their condition. 

Try providing a client of yours just one or two exercises through ExerciseLab and ask them how useful the aftercare was to them today with your free account.